Here are 15 reasons why you should visit a gynecologist

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According to a leading gynecologist in London, Dr Mahantesh Karoshi, here are 15 reasons why you should visit a gynecologist.

  1. You’re 14 and haven’t saw any progressions from pubescence
  2. You’re 16 and haven’t had a period
  3. You’re having extreme menstrual issues or some other pelvic agonies
  4. Your period is additional overwhelming, bizarre or keeps going over a week
  5. You have vaginal tingling, redness, bruises, swelling, bizarre smell or release
  6. You may be pregnant
  7. You have to talk about safe sex
  8. You’ve been having periods for over a year and have sporadic periods
  9. You’ve missed more than three periods (You can hold up three months on the off chance that you are sure that you are not pregnant, but rather if there is a shot that you might be pregnant, you ought to see your specialist immediately.)
  10. You encounter a blazing sensation while urinating
  11. You encounter visit pee
  12. You’ve harmed your pelvic range
  13. You’ve had non-consensual sex
  14. You trust that you’ve been presented to a sexually transmitted illness
  15. You see an adjustment in the consistency of your periods

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